SewIconz is software for viewing the contents of embroidery files, quilting files, and certain common image files as icons from within Windows File Explorer© or from the File->Open dialog of embroidery software. With SewIconz, the stitch pattern contained in embroidery files and some cross-stitch files will appear as icons as you scroll through your Windows folders. Information about the number of stitches, colors and pattern size (in either mm. or in.) will appear as your cursor moves over the icons.  SewIconz is fully UNICODE compatible, so that folder and file names for any set of keyboard characters are now displayed correctly.

Use the Download button below to install both the free 7-day Demo (no purchase necessary) and the retail version, as well as to update the software. If you use legacy 32-bit embroidery software on a 64-bit computer, you can install the 32-bit version of  SewIconz in addition to the installer package below.) Do not update the software during the DEMO period, as this will cause immediate expiration of the trial.  A free viewer for AutoCAD© and Quilt files – CadQView – may also be downloaded below. CadQView is stand-alone software developed by S & S Computing that allows viewing and printing of individual CAD and Quilt files.  It is intended as a useful adjunct to SewIconz. Download the user manual for a more detailed explanation of all the features of SewIconz.

Download SewIconz (Win)     Download Manual     Download CadQView

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