SewClean (SCL) is software that efficiently scans selected parts of your computer system for duplicate embroidery files.  (A duplicate file is one that contains the same pattern information as another.) User-defined criteria can be set to remove duplicates, thus freeing space on your hard drive, or to move them to special folders. SewClean will scan user-selected fixed (hard) drives, USB connected drives, CD drives and networked drives, as well as Zip and RAR archives. Duplicates can be sent to the Recycle Bin or to a special user-defined folder for future deletion. No files will be removed until the Delete button is clicked.

Use the Download button below to install both the free 5-day Demo (no purchase necessary) and the retail version, as well as to update the software. Do not update the software during the DEMO period, as this will cause immediate expiration of the trial. Download the user manual for more details about the many features available in SewClean.

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