S  &  S Computing is  a software development company offering quality, affordable embroidery software. Located near Knoxville, TN, our company was established in 2004. We strive to provide our customers with quality products and personalized service. Software issues that cannot be resolved by email or phone can be addressed over a ScreenConnect® remote session.
All of our software products come with a free update policy for the lifetime of the product. Auto-Update features on the Help menu of most of our products will inform you when updates are available to download. You can then update from within the open product, or go to this website to download the latest version.
To download or purchase any of our products, please go to the Shop webpage. We recommend using Internet Explorer, Edge, or Firefox when downloading.  Gift certificates may also be purchased at the bottom of the Shop page.
There is a free Demo trial period for all our software, during which you can determine if the software meets your requirements before purchasing it. (Please refer to the FAQs for a description of our refund policy.) The product Download buttons can be used to install the free Demo (and Retail) version of the software. Video tutorials appear at the end of some of the product pages.

System Requirements

All software products sold by S & S Computing are native Windows® applications. They will run on versions of the Windows OS (Operating System) including XP (SP3 must be installed), VISTA, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.  To run our software on an Intel-based MAC computer, you must install either a free emulator (Boot Camp© or VirtualBox©) or a commercial emulator (Parallels© or VMWare Fusion©), together with a version of the Windows OS (from XP upwards will work). Then use the Windows download button on our product pages to install the software.

Authorized Resellers of S & S Products

The following embroidery companies are authorized to sell S & S products: